So what is "Almaz"?

Many of my clients and friends often asking me "So what is Almaz, Anna?"

Word "Adamas" came from ancient Greek (ἀδάμας) and meaning "unconquerable" or "indestructible", is the root of the word diamond.

In Russian language word "almaz" (you have to stress on the second "a": almAz, (алмаз) has meaning "diamond", or to be more precise a "diamond rough". The world famous Russian diamond mining company "Alrosa" (Алроса) takes its name from 2 words: "Almazi Rossii" (Алмазы России), which means "Diamonds of Russia"... simples! #jewelleryvaluations #ukirv #gemstonesvaluation #diamonds #gemmologist #gia #lovegemmology #wordmeaning

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